Bingo Codes

Next to soccer and poker, there is perhaps no game with as much global appeal as bingo. Each nation has their own take on this popular pastime, but each follow a common theme – generate a specified pattern on a color and/or number coded card. Games can be found everywhere, from bingo halls to casinos to charity events.

And now, international bingo enthusiasts can find their favorite game online. Most internet rooms also offer internet slots and bingo codes, promotional keys that allow users to double (or sometimes triple) their initial real-money deposits!

Take a look at the chart below to see the bingo codes featured by a few of the internet's top bingo providers. Read the reviews, try out the halls, and let your voice be heard with your very own review!

888ladies BONUS - £5 Free plus 200% up to £200 -- Automatic bonus with our links!
Bonus Amount £5 + £200 888ladies

888ladies offers a fantastic variety of bingo games. Whether you are a fan of regular 90-ball bingo, a unique 75 ball bingo games or Team Bingo, 888ladies has the game for you. You can also take a shot at winning big with the progessive jackpot games. Sign up through the link provided and take advantage of an awesome bingo code that gives £5 Free plus 200% up to £200.

Bingo Hall
Bingo Hall BONUS - $5 Free plus 150% bonus on your 1st and 2nd deposits, up to $750 -- Automatic bonus with link!
Bonus Amount $5 + $750 Bingo Hall

Experience the feel of your favorite bingo hall in the comfort of your own home at BingoHall. Take advantage of our bonus code to add an extra $5 and 150% bonus up to $750 to your bankroll while enjoying a wide variety of games. Players of all bankroll sizes will enjoy a variety in limits, as well. If you love the call of bingo numbers, but don't have a bingo hall in the area, Bingo Hall is the place for you!

Bingo Palace
Bingo Palace BONUS - $5 Free plus 100% Initial Deposit Up to $500 -- Automatic bonus with our links!
Bonus Amount $5 + $500 Bingo Palace

Play like royalty at Bingo Palace. One of the oldest online bingo providers still going today, Bingo Palace offers a fantastic bonus. No codes are required, as using the link provided will automatically give you the bonus. Once downloaded, you can enjoy a wide variety of games and stakes. Hardcore bingo players will enjoy being able to play up to 13 cards at a time!

123BingoOnline BONUS - $25 Free plus 1000% Bonus on Initial Deposit -- Automatic bonus with our links!
Bonus Amount $25 123BingoOnline

123BingoOnline offers one of the biggest bonuses in the game today. This online bingo provider, which started in 2004, offers an astounding 1000% bonus plus an additional $25 for free! While there, have fun playing 90-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo. You can also try your luck at Million Dollar Bingo, a 75-ball game which has $3 cards. No codes are necessary to gain from ths bonus. Just use the link provided and profit!

Foxy Bingo
Foxy Bingo BONUS - 200% up to £150 -- Automatic bonus with our links!
Bonus Amount £150 Foxy Bingo

- PartyGaming's Foxy Bingo is one of the best places to enjoy bingo on the web. You don't even have to be sly as a fox to see this great bonus being offered. Just use the link provided to get a 200% deposit bonus on up to £150. After depositing, you can enjoy the great game selection at Foxy Bingo. Another great thing is you can play right from your browser. No downloading is required, allowing players to enjoy the games quickly.

Gala Bingo
Gala Bingo BONUS - £20 free on £5 deposit, £10 for friend referral -- Automatic bonus with our links!
Bonus Amount £20 Gala Bingo

Another place that offers a sign-up bonus is Gala Bingo. While Gala Bingo doesn't offer an extra bonus based on your deposit size, you can get £20 free on just a £5 deposit. Also, Gala Bingo offers players an extra £10 for each referral. Sign up today and tell be sure to tell all your friends to take advantage of everything Gala Bingo has to offer.

Wink Bingo
Wink Bingo BONUS - £15 Free at Signup Plus 200% Deposit Bonus up to £100 -- Automatic bonus with our links!
Bonus Amount £15 + £100 Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo claims it site is "winktastic." You will probably agree after playing there and seeing the bonus they have to offer. No bonus codes are necessary to profit from this bonus, either. Sign up through the link provided to get £15 free at signup and an extra 200% Deposit Bonus on up to £100.

Ladbrokes Bingo
Ladbrokes Bingo BONUS - £20 Free When You Deposit £5 -- Automatic bonus with our links!
Bonus Amount £20 Ladbrokes Bingo

Ladbrokes, one of the most well known betting sites in the UK, also offers bingo at Ladbrokes Bingo. Ladbrokes offers a nice £20 for free with a deposit as small as £5! No bonus codes are necessary during sign up, either. Use the link provided here for your free £20!

Mecca Bingo
Mecca Bingo BONUS - £50 Free With Deposit Match -- Automatic bonus with our links!
Bonus Amount £50 Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo is one of the premier bingo sites on the net because of their excellent customer service and fantastic bonuses. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, make sure to take advantage of the bonus offer. Mecca Bingo will match your deposit on up to £50! Visit through the link provided to get this bonus automatically!

Cheeky Bingo
Cheeky Bingo BONUS - £20 Free With £10 Deposit -- Automatic bonus with our links!
Bonus Amount £20 Cheeky Bingo

Feeling cheeky? Then check out Cheeky Bingo. Here, by taking advantage of the bonus code, you can triple your money at deposit. By depositing just £10, you can get 20 for free! No bonus code is necessary, the bonus is automatic if you sign up through the link provided.

Tombola Bingo
Tombola Bingo BONUS - Up to £25 Money Match -- Automatic bonus with our links!
Bonus Amount £25 Tombola Bingo

Tombola Bingo is a site that features, not only the normal 90-ball bingo, but a lot of games exclusive to Tombola! Not only do they offer a fantastic game selection, but they also offer a great bonus. Use the link provided and Tombola will match your deposit up to £25! This bingo code is automatic through the link and no bonus code is necessary.

Want to get in on the action? Learning bingo is a snap. Simply purchase your cards (which come in all sizes, from 5x5 to 3x9), and pay attention to the announcements made by the game caller. Place a mark on your card for each of your numbers called, and watch out for patterns. Traditionally, players are looking to generate a straight line, whether vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Once you've completed such a pattern, you'll need to shout, “Bingo!” Winners will then receive a portion of the jackpot, while the game continues on. This gives second, third, and sometimes even fourth place players a chance to come out ahead!

Bingo is one of the fastest growing pastimes in the online gaming community. Thanks to generous bingo codes offered by such sites as 888ladies, Bingo Hall, Bingo Palace, and 123BingoOnline, players are cashing in at unheard of rates. Imagine playing bingo from the comfort of your favorite armchair, all while chatting with a great group of online friends. Could it get any better?

Thanks to the wizards of the web, playing multiple cards is easier than ever! It's almost impossible to find a site which does not offer players a chance to purchase multiple cards, each of which are automatically marked by the computer. All you have to do is watch for the pattern and announce your “Bingo!”

Most sites, beyond offering bingo codes, also feature multi-card incentives. 123BingoOnline, for example, has such generous rewards as “Buy 5, Get 2 Free”, “Buy 6, Get 3 Free”, and even “Buy 20, Get 20 Free!” These promotions vary depending on the particular bingo game you're playing in.

Best of all, nearly all of the most reputable online bingo providers are open to United States customers! Some even come without the need to download any software. Simply log on and enter the bingo code to receive additional deposit and play incentives. Many sites even offer different promotions for each day of the week! With all of these great incentives, bingo codes, and multi-card bonuses, you can't go wrong playing bingo online.

Check out all the current online bingo jackpots below.

Current 888ladies Jackpots!

Room Name Room Type Jackpot Progressiv JP Latest Winner
Ladies First 75 £10.00 £1,155.29
Engaged Ladies 90 £9.91 £673.93
Monday 5,000! 75 £5000.00 £1,155.29
Tuesday 1,000 90 £1000.00 £673.93
Mega Mix 75 £1.46 £3,242.50
Mega Mix 75 £1.46 £3,576.49
Morning Quickie 75 £1.77 £1,155.29
Pocket change 90 £2.26 £673.93
Fit and Flare 90 £8.96 £673.93
Friday 50,000! 75 £50000.00 £1,155.29
Saturday 20,000! 75 £20000.00 £1,155.29
Sunday 10,000! 75 £10000.00 £1,155.29
Thursday 1,000 75 £1000.00 £1,155.29
Wednesday 888! 75 £888.00 £1,155.29
Wednesday 888! 75 £888.00 £3,576.49
Lucky 5 75 £5.60 £1,155.29
Lucky 5 75 £5.60 £3,576.49
100 BOGOF Bingo 90 £100.00 £673.93
Magic Monday 75 £500.00 £1,155.29
The Loyals 6m + 75 £10.00 £1,155.29
The Loyals 2y + 75 £20.00 £1,155.29
Great 1,000 Weekly 90 £500.00 £154.71
888 FREE Newbie Bingo 75 £5.00 £432.36
Freebie Fun 90 £2.00 £154.71
The Ten Den 90 £10.00 £154.71
The Loyals Daily 90 £115.00 £673.93
250 Free Daily Gems 75 £50.00 £432.36
2,500 Power Gem 90 £2100.00 £154.71
Studio 75 75 £500.00 £1,155.29
Daily Joy Gem 90 £300.00 £154.71
Payday 3000 90 £2200.00 £154.71
Sparkling Gem 90 £0.00 £154.71
May Pays 90 £157.20 £154.71
Sweet Stack Up 90 £72.46 £0.00
The Daily Unwind 75 £20.38 £2,089.02
Flash Fives 0 £17.37 £432.36
Nutty Ninety 90 £1.45 £673.93
A Quick Bite 75 £1.45 £1,155.29
Top of the Shop 90 £11.31 £154.71
Pink Cadillac 75 £5.78 £432.36
Tick Tock! 75 £9.52 £1,476.82
Daily 88 75 £88.00 £1,155.29
Free Sunday 250 75 £250.00 £432.36

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Wink Bingo
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Ladbrokes Bingo
Bonus Code: Automatic
Mecca Bingo
Bonus Code: Automatic
Cheeky Bingo
Bonus Code: Automatic
Tombola Bingo
Bonus Code: Automatic
Wink Bingo